Friday, April 15, 2011

Less Selling, More Crafting

I've put the resale thing on hold because I'm waiting to go into labor. And a few weeks ago I realized that if I am in the hospital while things are selling, I'm going to have to make my husband go home and figure out how to package and ship everything. Which he was NOT looking forward to.

So I stopped listing things, and raised the prices on everything listed in eBay so if it did sell, at least it would be worth the trouble. On Etsy, I just put a note in my store and all communications asking for patience if I'm slow to reply and ship. Everyone is generally nice there, so that seemed like the best way of handling that side.

But with all this free time not taking photos and listing and obsessively watching auctions, I'm able to get a little more crafty again.

Easter is coming, and I've had this cute Japanese bunny fabric for ages, and I finally found a pattern I loved, so it all came together to make these dresses for the girls.

The bunny fabric is the bodice and trim, and the skirt is basically a pixelated damask pattern. It's amazing.

The back is shirred, which I had never done, but wasn't too difficult, and I love how the straps tie with a bow through the back buttonhole. So clever!

I managed to finish the yellow dress at 11:30 tonight (which accounts for the poor photo of that one), so I have one more gift finished for the Easter baskets! I don't think they will wear them to church on Easter Sunday, but maybe for the egg hunt instead? We'll see what the little fashionistas want.

The pattern is "In the Garden" Shirred Twirly Dress, found at From and Igloo. And she's right, it's twirly. The skirt is 84 inches around! That's ready for some major twirling.

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