Tuesday, April 5, 2011

All mine!

I picked up a few things last week, but this time they were all for me!

Nothing too fancy, but quite colorful.

This older (I think) enameled bowl. I love enamel bowls for picnics and parties and all that. And the colors are great!

This is a great caddy. Just from Pier One, nothing fancy, but quite useful. I love the handle. I'm going to use it in the girls' room for art supplies or something. You can get things like this from PB Kids for about $40, so $4, while expensive for thrifting, was still a great deal.

And then these gosh-darn-cute jars to use in the kitchen. The colors! The flowers! And they are even from the Nut Tree, which I have very fond memories of growing up. The old Nut Tree, of course, but I'm glad they have at least something still there.

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  1. I love, love, love all your great treasures! The enamel bowl is fantastic. I have one similar to it. They are super for chips or pretzels at a party or picnic. Love the jars with the floral lids too. Thanks for sharing your super finds!