Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thrift Share 3/27

I was able to squeeze in two stops at thrift stores this week while the girls were in school. I literally ran in and out of the Goodwill in about 25 minutes, where in line I almost put down my pile as I thought I was going to be too late picking up the kids. But I made it, with two minutes to spare!

There I found a bunch of Ralph Lauren rompers and a collared shirt, woo-hoo! These are great since I can either use them for the impending baby (only 3 weeks to go!) or sell them. They are in great shape.

I love rompers for babies, they are so easy to wear and change and tuck in your bag as a back-up outfit and all that good stuff. And Ralph Lauren! So fancy! Actually, I don't care about the brand, but I hope some eBayers do if I end up giving them up.

I also found one of these:

I read on some blog post that I can't find now that these have great resale value, but I didn't research eBay before I picked this one up. And now it doesn't seem like these are that awesome to sell unless the are Cutco brand. Which I've never even heard of! And I thought I knew a lot about knives and kitchen tools.

But I guess I'll throw it up there and see who bites. I should at least be able to get my money back since it was only about $4.

But then a quick trip to SA netted me this beauty in the fancy stuff section:

How cute is this!?!

The little houses are irresistible, so of course I scooped it up right away. It didn't come with a lid, but a quick look around the shelves, and I found it stuck inside another dish. Woo-hoo! A matching set.

The pattern is Country Village and was made in Japan by Nasco. I can't find when it was made, but have found some photos of teapots in this pattern on flickr. This pot I have no problem reselling, but if I found the teapot, I would have trouble letting that go!

Here, do you want another look at the cute little houses?

Don't you just want to move into one of the little houses? I like the one with the pink chimney!

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  1. Yes! Those houses are so sweet. Love it!

  2. Oh, very cool! I'd found some Country Village too in the past, they were canisters similar to your pot with the same type of lid. But I agree, the teapot would be hard to let go!

  3. Great finds!
    Sorry, it was probably my blog you read about the knife blocks. I've only sold Henckels and Wusthof blocks and done pretty well with fixed price. The more slots the better.
    Cutco would be AWESOME to find...Cutco knives in general are super expensive and sell really well.
    Hope you do ok with that one!

  4. PSST! You won our giveaway! Pop by and see!