Monday, March 14, 2011

resale update

Finally got a bunch of stuff from February listed, including the colorful owl pillow!

It's quite darling, and if it actually matched anything in my house, I would consider keeping it. But right now, I just like how cute it makes my shop look!

Still have a lot more stuff to post, but actually took quite a few photos this weekend, which is half the battle. I don't mind posting, I just have to find my rhythm for it.

Also, my husband told me this weekend that I should just sell the really big payoff stuff, and not waste my time with the little things. I told him I'd love to do that, but it's trickier than he thinks. How do I go about explaining it to him? Hmmm, one to think about.


  1. Hello neighbour,
    I found you from ATG's blog. I am on the Peninsula. I just started selling on Ebay and found it very addicting.

    Nice finds!

  2. Hi to both neighbors. I'm in Menlo Park. I came here via the GreenStitch blog.

    All my sewing is virtual right now - I listen to sewing podcasts when I walk or brush my teeth. I'm heavily into creating illustrations in photoshop for my online art journal (aka a blog) so I tend to use those 10 and 15 minute increments, when I could be threading my machine or pinning a piece for next time, doing that. Still I've got that halfway cutout/traced Burda Style magazine pattern on the machine right now, so it will happen!

    Do you ladies know about the free giveaway at FabMo (signup for mailing list via I think) in Mountain View? They collect interior dec samples and once a month you setup an appointment during the monthly giveaway times - once a month on a Friday and Saturday usually. They have a donation request jar out now, but you can still go for free. They have tons of bits and pieces.