Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Despite a week of actually working! In a real, paid-by-the-hour job! (Can you tell I haven't done that for a while?) Oh, and sewing a few gifts I had lined up (I'll have to post those in the next few days). I did manage to get a few more things listed in the shops.

First is a vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy bowl, with a bit of wear, but otherwise delightful. I had a set of Paddington Bear dishes like this growing up. My mom still has the silverware, but I think the bowl and plate are long gone.

Next is an awesome old stapler, in a great teal color!

And finally a pull toy made by kouvalias, a now-defunct toy company from Greece. Didn't actually know these were in demand when I picked it up, just thought it was a nice-looking toy that I might be able to sell in the resale shop. But since the company is out of business, they sell pretty well.

But, is it a cricket or a grasshopper? I'm thinking grasshopper, but have found a few mentions of crickets online. Hmmmm...

All in all, I'm happy I'm still listing here in there. It sure is a process to start, but it gets faster and faster the more often you do it.

And, this last week I had my first auction end, which I had set up as an experiment. I tried free shipping and starting it at only $1, wondering how it would go. There seemed to be a lot of interest, but it sold for only $8.50, which didn't even cover all my costs. But I knew that auction was going to be a learning experience, so I was happy to take the hit. Turned out the final buyer wanted to back out of the sale, which turned out great for me since I can now relist it in a different way that will hopefully cover the costs and make me a tidy profit. So that learning experience only cost me $.90 instead of $7.

Still adjusting pricing and wording here and there, but was happy to make the favorites pages and collection for a few things on Etsy. So I'm still learning!

Linking up to Apron Thrift Girl's February Listing Challenge.

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