Tuesday, February 1, 2011

getting my bento on

Before I started packing lunches for my kids (since they weren't in school for lunch), I started seeing all these bento meals out there on the internets. Immediately that idea appealed to me, since I LOVE kits, or anything all packaged together. I probably have far too many first aid kids for a normal person. After all, my kids don't get hurt that much.

But right away, I knew that's what I was going to do. And luckily enough I live near a Daiso, so I was able to pick up a few boxes for $1.50! I love that place. I could spend hours there. I have spent hours there. I'm just a very thorough shopper.

Also, I may have picked up a few picks, condiment cups, separators, mini chopsticks, mini utensils, all sorts of fun goodies. Well, for $1.50 each, how can you not?

And then I went to work.

salami & cheese roll ups, honeydew, berries, babybel, buttered toast, koala cookies

There's so much inspiration out there, it was easy to start making awesome lunches right away. I also love how it opens you up to lunch ideas you never considered before. Like just one tiny piece of melon. How would I have packaged that before? In its own plastic bag? That sounds ridiculous. But with bentos, you can just toss it in with everything else! Then you get a lot of variety in even a little lunch.

hot dogs and cheese, mushrooms, avocado, cheese, rice crispy treat, apple, dried blueberries

I think this style of lunch appeals to toddlers and preschoolers so much. It's just how they eat anyway! So we've been loving the world of bento lunches.

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